There are a variety of obligations that we experience in our lives.  Familial obligations, legal obligations, financial obligations, religious obligations, social obligations, and personal obligations, to name a few.  It is a very difficult task to attempt the complete fulfillment of these obligations.  After all, they often end up being in conflict with one another.  Perhaps you may find yourself forced to either break the law and protect a family member or uphold the law and let your family member be harmed.  Which obligation holds the more compelling interest for you? 

But perhaps no obligation is compelling to you.  Many people dislike the whole notion of obligation, and even its close relative duty.  For most of my generation, duty is equivalent to unnecessary burden, a useless restriction upon the fulfillment of our wishes.  Unlike most of my generation, I have a sense of duty that is not restrictive.  Duty is the way of living that I have chosen, and that way is to love everyone at each moment to the best of my ability. 

For me, love is the only legitimate source of duty, the obligation that takes precedence over all others.

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6 Responses to Obligations

  1. Anonymous says:

    parallel that…for me it is standing up to the values you define yourself…the odd thing is that most of that virtue has unraveled and been left laying on the floor long enough for the dog to piss on it and to be swept up and put in the garbage and hauled to the dump and be covered over time with so much more garbage that it is no longer discernable…however, the real and true source of personal power and industry rely on such things…there is a quality and so often I feel love is such a whored word it does not befit…altruism comes to mind as most of the “success” gurus have always said that only the beneficent rise to the top…not so sure of that in practical terms as a good study of the Art of War or the 48 Laws of Power will reveal, there is something to safeguard but in all things, speak of the solution…hence the reason I am subscribed herein

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @mysilentme – You are correct that love is a word much overused and abused. People use the word not to express the full act of living in such a way as to work towards the genuine benefit of others, but to express a base level of attraction, a relatively insignificant emotional connection, or a sense of acceptance.

  3. blood is thicker than water, just throwing that out there. o_o;

  4. I suppose, for me, when it comes to duty or obligation I concentrate on what is most important to me. My most important duties and obligations involve my son. Secondly I’d place working so that I can take care of us… 
    I guess that goes hand-in-hand with the last thing you said in your post, ” …love is the only legitimate source of duty, the obligation that takes precedence over all others”…  I love my son, unconditionally and so he gives me something to strive for. As far as the running topic of love being an overused word, I can agree with that as well. I think, too often, people are using “love” to describe feelings when they really are experiencing lust.

  5. izakura says:

    Love is the thing worth fighting for most. Good post GOd bless.

  6. Nous_Apeiron says:

    Thanks to all of you for your insightful and positive comments.

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