Leadership is a way of existing, an art that is poorly understood.  Many of us carry with us a notion that leadership involves having official authority, and we are wrong in that.  True leadership does not require authority, and though it may come into authority on occasion, it does not use that authority for selfish ends.  Many of us also associate leaders with having celebrity or popularity, but in truth, most people who have those qualities are not leaders.  They just happen to be talented and good-looking.

So who is a leader?  A leader is someone whose way of living is compelling to us because it is good for them and for the rest of the world.  Leadership is about teaching and empowering those around you to become better people.  In short, when one begins to live in such a way that others are made better by your presence, that is when the art of leadership is being practiced.

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  1. god_stories says:

    I’ve been thinking about leadership recently. I had a prospective mgr ask me for my model of leadership and I explained to him only what I’ve read Jesus did, some of which you describe here.Like what your saying here on your blog. Thanks for your encouraging comment.Praise the living God!

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