One of the great accomplishments of recent humanity has been the mechanization of processes that were previously intensely arduous for people and consumed vast stretches of our time.  One of the unfortunate side affects of this accomplishment has been the mechanization of human behavior.  Whether a person works in a factory or in a sales position, the expectation has become that one perform like a machine, following the same procedures over and over, day in and day out, producing consistent results and numbers.

When man created machine, the intent was to increase our independence from the arduous tasks of everyday survival and free us to do as we wished.  Instead, we have become increasingly dependent upon the machines that do the work necessary to produce those things we need to survive.  What’s worse is that we have also turned millions of human beings into machines.  We have both combines and immigrant labor to work the farmland and produce our food.  We have both sewing machines and sweatshop workers to produce the clothing that we wear. 

We have remade ourselves in the image of our creations while we need to remake ourselves in the image of our creator.  We need the joy of life more than consistency of production.  We need wisdom more than training.  We need love more than mechanization.

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