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There are a variety of obligations that we experience in our lives.  Familial obligations, legal obligations, financial obligations, religious obligations, social obligations, and personal obligations, to name a few.  It is a very difficult task to attempt the complete fulfillment … Continue reading

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The Wall of Needs

Most of us have a wall that keeps from being free to be our most genuine selves.  This wall is constructed of many things, but the main substance is needs.  At least perceived needs.  For example, we might feel a … Continue reading

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As a culture, we are often seeking to amplify various aspects of our life.  We want to amplify our energy levels in order to do everything we want to do. We want to amplify the music we enjoy so that … Continue reading

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Being a hero is not a matter of special powers, super strength, or even horribly tight uniforms in mismatched colors.  Not that those things are not cool, because let’s face it, they have to be seriously chilly with that kind … Continue reading

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Faith is an act engaged in by every conscious human mind.  Whether or not you belong to a religious group or organization that is explicitly based on faith, you have beliefs that have no independent justification, that are revealed to … Continue reading

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Leadership is a way of existing, an art that is poorly understood.  Many of us carry with us a notion that leadership involves having official authority, and we are wrong in that.  True leadership does not require authority, and though … Continue reading

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One of the great accomplishments of recent humanity has been the mechanization of processes that were previously intensely arduous for people and consumed vast stretches of our time.  One of the unfortunate side affects of this accomplishment has been the … Continue reading

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