Reign of Nothing

Every age of human history is ruled by something that drives our species to grow in greatness and change for the better, to slip into decadence and slide into depravity.  We have survived ages ruled by tribal wisdom and ignorance.  We have endured ages ruled by militant empires and brutal conquerors.  We have progressed beyond the ages ruled by the need to kill and yet retain our desire to kill.  We are in the midst of the ages ruled by greed and gluttony.  We are moving into the ages ruled by nothing.

Considering all that we have survived and endured, we might think that we could handle being ruled by nothing.  After all, there is something quite appealing in the notion of anarchy.  There will be a greater sense of freedom, a perception that we are no longer bound by all that previously hindered our ability to reach our full potential.  This will be the grand illusion under which we operate. 

It is not an unfettered existence that breeds strength, but the cages that we must break out of.  It is not a lack of rules that makes us free, but the ability to make a committed choice that is only found through discipline.  It is not having nothing to fear that brings peace, but facing each of those fears.  It is not prolonging life that brings happiness, but enjoying its miraculous character.  We will empty our lives of anything worthwhile in an effort to gain freedom.  We will become soft and useless without the challenges that forge us.  We will weaken and fall under the reign of nothing.  From nothing we came, and unto nothing we shall return.

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