Failure is not an option.  It’s either a choice or a lack of ability.  Or both.  My failures are usually a combination of both.  For example, having very little time to complete a school assignment (a lack of ability) and not efficiently using what little time I do have (a choice).

Everybody fails, and most of us have times of quiet mediocre failure and times of blazingly spectacular failure.  But how grand or meaningless they are is largely irrelevant.  What matters is how you handle failure.  If you want to make a failure worth the price, then make sure you learn from it, apologize to any parties that may have been hurt by it, and don’t make excuses.

Do all of these things because you owe them to yourself, not because they make you look responsible and admirable.  Do them not because you can put yourself in a better position to win favor, but because it’s right.  No one really wins in the end.  The best we can do is accept loss graciously.

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