None are so blind as those who will not see.  Well, aside from those who do not bother looking in the first place.  Those who never question cannot even begin to see.  Those who refuse to acknowledge reality are those who will not see.  Most of us are afflicted with the psychological equivalent of synesthesia.  We can see reality, but our sight is subject to certain limitations due to being integrated with our emotions, experiences, and preconceptions.  Pure sight is almost impossible for us to achieve.  Even the most objective human perception (free of emotions, experiences, and preconceptions) gives the perceiver only a pale shadow of reality’s abundant nature.

Only unfettered intuition can break through the veil woven of our sensation and allow us access to the brimming truth the universe has on display.  Stop perceiving.  Stop analyzing.  Stop classifying.  Only then will you overcome the blindness.

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