Solitude is no fortress, but it can guard a person’s fragile psyche almost as effectively.  Or it can simply allow one the space in which to recharge and unwind.  The latter is a great thing, the former quite unhealthy.  When a person has a fragile psyche, protecting it from harm via solitude simply prevents it from being strengthened by experience.  Like arms and legs, the mind and heart cannot grow stronger if they never get any exercise.  Like second languages, if you don’t use your heart and mind, you lose them.  They atrophy to the point of irrelevance.

That said, meditating in quiet stillness as our little planet spins around the sun can be greatly beneficial.  Developing a calm and peaceful state so that life’s trials may be weathered with aplomb is nothing to sneeze at.  Reading serenely while gentle music drifts on a playful breeze is an activity to be treasured.  Wandering the wooded hills of an area so remote that finding oneself becomes easy and natural is a wonderful gift to be savored.  So long as solitude is not a constant, its gravity can be appreciated.

The growth gained in times of silence must be shared in times of conversation and laughter or they are wasted, a precious gift left in a closet, never given.  It brings no joy.

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