The Ladder

There’s a theory, a theory about a ladder.  See it here.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend of mine over AIM about the ladder theory, and explained to her my situation.

Like it says on the site, being a straight male, I want to have sex with the vast majority of women.  It’s just a natural biological desire.  I’m resigned to the fact that I can’t pick and choose who I’m attracted to when it comes to sex.

Anyway, the site claims that men have one ladder, and when a man meets a woman he rates her and puts her on the ladder.  The one at the top of the ladder is the one he’d most like to have sex with.  It also claims that women have two ladders, a ladder for men they’re willing to have sex with and a “just friends” ladder for those they’re not willinng to have sex with.  The site makes a number of claims about male and female thought patterns, most of which are pretty accurate, if presented rather flippantly and simplistically.

As it turns out, I actually have the same two ladders that women have, unlike most men.  I have the standard “who I’d like to boink the most” ladder (though I largely ignore it) as well as a “just friends” ladder, and many of the women on the “just friends” ladder are quite attractive, so I’m apparently not quite the horndog that the site would lead you to believe all men are.  I also have a “who I’d be willing to try a romantic relationship with” ladder, and let me tell you that one’s usually fairly empty.  It’s more of a step ladder, really.

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